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ABOUT Fulcrum Celebrants

'Fulcrum Celebrants believe that marriage is a lifelong connection between two people whose values are based on equality, common purpose, tolerance and compassion'

Fulcrum Celebrants offer legal weddings and Civil Ceremonies across Scotland, we pride ourselves on being wholly inclusive, because we believe that everyone is entitled to freedom of thought, to have a voice that should be heard and to have the right to express themselves.

Fulcrum Celebrants place no barriers or stipulations on the couples we work with, we embrace everyone who thinks our values sit well with their own.


Our Aim is to provide you with a ceremony that fully reflects the people you are and is tailored to your wishes.

OUR Values


To recognise all actions should be based on truth and humility, and with fairness and respect for others. 


We speak or act only with objectivity, empathy and mindfulness. 

To find common purpose

To inspire and encourage acceptance, co-operation and collaboration for the common good. 


We achieve outcomes for ourselves and our communities through charity, helpfulness and compassion. 

OUR Team

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