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Photo Credit: Luke Bennett Photography.  A close-up photo of Tasha's back.  Her black leather jacket is in focus - in pink calligraphy, 'Tasha the Celebrant' is painted on the jacket, with a light purple peony painted below - by Jen at Toasty Type.

Photo Credit: Luke Bennett Photography, Jacket Painting by Toasty Type


Get in touch!

You can reach me by WhatsApp or email, or you can simply complete this form.

We'll then arrange a wee chat over Zoom at a time that's convenient for all of us, and see if we're a match! 


Then the fun begins and we start creating your personalised ceremony together!


Looking forward to hearing from you :)

WhatsApp: +44 7985666778


Please allow up to 48 hours for a response and keep an eye on your junk folder :)

Photo credit: The Gibsons Photographers  Black and white photo of Amanda (a Caucasian woman wearing a wedding dress, veil, and denim jacket with the word 'Bride' embroidered on the back of it) and Jeff (an East Asian man wearing a suit) are holding hands, standing towards each other, with their backs partly to the camera. The background is out of focus, but trees and landscape can be made out.

Photo Credit: The Gibsons Photography

Thanks for your message! 

Please allow 48 hours for a reply,

and remember to check your junk folder! :)

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