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Photo Credit: Martin Venherm.  Lots of guests are standing around a long table, looking in the same direction and clapping.  On the table are wine bottles, glasses, candles and floral centrepieces.  Above are hanging, glowing lightbulbs and foliage.

Photo Credit: Martin Venherm


Paul, a Caucasian man with short, dark, curly hair and beard, is standing, turned in towards Natalie, a dark-red-haired Caucasian woman.  They are looking at each other, smiling.  Paul is wearing a moss-green kilt and jacket.  Natalie is wearing a cream lace, wrap wedding dress with flared sleeves.  She is wearing a floral crown in her long wavy hair.  In the foreground are hanging leaves.  In the background are bushes and a green cabin.

Natalie & Paul

"Tasha is the most warm and beautiful person, we felt a connection with her from our first chat. She took the time to get to know us, put us at ease and was always on hand when we needed her.


By the time the wedding came around, it felt like we were being married by a friend. The script she wrote for us was just perfect, so many of our guests commented on how amazing the ceremony was. We couldn't have chosen anyone better.


Thank you, Tasha!❤"

Photo Credit: Calum McMillan.  Gillian, a red-hedded Caucasian woman is standing side-on to the camera, kissing Callum, a dark-haired Caucasian man.  Gillian is wearing an ivory lace and chiffon, cold-shoulder wedding dress, with a floral crown and veil, and has her hand on Callum's arm.  Callum is wearing a dark blue jacket with a dark blue and green tartan over his shoulder, and is holding Gillian's face.  In the background are glass doors looking onto a garden.

Photo Credit: Calum McMillan

Callum & Gillian

"Tasha was, in a word, phenomenal. From day one she was extremely attentive, helpful, lovely and supportive in every aspect that myself and my new wife needed help with, not just the wedding side but the legal bits as well.


She was extremely passionate during the whole process and you could tell she sincerely wanted to get to know us to ensure the big day was as genuine as possible and entirely centred around us and our families. Any requests that we had were always taken in her stride and nothing was ever an issue with Tasha, making our lives so much easier!!

The ceremony itself was nothing short of perfect and exactly the sort of vibe we were looking for, with basically every guest at our wedding coming to tell us how amazing of a job Tasha did throughout the rest of the day.

We can both honestly say from the bottom of our hearts that choosing Tasha as our celebrant was one the the best decisions we have ever made and we truly can't thank her enough for the perfect start to our married life.

Thanks so much again for everything Tasha!"

Photo Credit: IMAC Images.  Dionne, a dark-haired Caucasian woman, is standing in a garden next to Stuart, a dark-haired, bearded Caucasian man, in front of two arched trees and a castle.  They are smiling at each other.  Dionne is wearing an ivory wedding dress with a chiffon pleated bodice, with a sweetheart neckline and cold-shoulder, and a ruffled fishtail with a long train.  She is wearing a silver tiara, with her hair up in a veil, and is holding her bouquet.  Stuart is wearing a moss-green kilt and jacket with the tartan over his shoulder.

Photo Credit: IMAC Images

Dionne & Stuart

"Tasha was just wonderful! From when we first met her, during all the following meetings to get to know us and finalise the details, Tasha was so lovely and engaging. We felt very relaxed with her and the passion she has for her work shines through!

We received so many compliments on the beautiful words Tasha said during our ceremony. Everything said was so personal and unique to us. She even met up with both of us separately before the ceremony to check in on is and help settle our nerves. She explained everything so clearly to my bridal party and even helped me to put my veil back on when it came loose with the wind. She was also dressed so beautifully but this is standard for her as she always looked so chic every time we met her.

Thanks again Tasha, We couldn't have asked for a better celebrant xx"

Photo Credit: John McDermott Photography. A black and white photo of two brides standing, turned in towards each other.  Cheryl, a Caucasian woman with medium-coloured hair, is wearing a strapless, lace wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline.  Donna, Caucasian woman with light-coloured hair, is wearing a sleeveless, lace wedding dress with a v-neck.  They both have their up, with floral accessories.  They are holding their bouquets of roses, and smiling at each other.  Cheryl is holding Donna's face.  In the background is a tall bush.

Photo Credit: John McDermott Photography

Donna & Cheryl

"This review would be 10 stars if we had the option!! Our Wedding day was perfect thanks to Tasha! When my beautiful wife and I began our search for our perfect celebrant we had to look no further when we read Tasha's testimonial. We instantly knew she was the one to tell our story.


From start to finish Tasha was a much needed support. You can tell by her passion this is her calling. I never imagined that we would find someone who understood our story so much and could tell it so perfectly. Tasha was in constant contact and told our story with so much passion and in the most perfect way, there was not a dry eye at the ceremony and every guest commented on how perfect she was!

We honestly can't recommend Tasha enough.

Tasha, you are forever in our hearts, thank you for making our day so special!!"

Photo Credit: Graham MacKay Photography.  Charlie, Caucasian woman with long dark hair, is standing next to Graeme, a dark-haired Caucasian, bearded man.  They are looking at each other, smiling.  Charlie is wearing a sleeveless, white, lace wedding dress with a v-neck, and veil.  A bird tattoo is visible on the right side of her chest. Graeme is wearing a grey suit jacket with a dark blue tie.  Foliage from trees fills the background, with sunlight shining through.

Photo Credit: Graham MacKay Photography

Charlie & Graeme

"Well Tasha what can we say... you were absolutely outstanding! From our very first video call to see if we'd even like to book you... you were so friendly warm and funny. Instantly we knew you were the celebrant for us!


Then on our first ever meeting we could have sat with you ALL day! The laughs we had and the banter was amazing! It instantly got me excited to see the type of service you were going to create for us! And boy you didn't disappoint!


Everyone commented at how beautiful our ceremony was and how personalised it was. Every detail of our relationship was in there! And laughs throughout from all our guests! It was perfect in every way!


Thank you so much and we are so happy we picked you! And would do again!"

Photo Credit: Elliot Caunce.  Emma, a blonde, Caucasian woman is sitting down at the top table, laughing and looking up towards Sam, a dark-hairded, bearded Caucasian man, who is smiling and addressing their guests who are off-camera.  Emma is wearing an ivory, spaghetti-strapped, lace wedding dress and veil, with her hair in a low bun.  Sam is wearing a dark green kilt and jacket.  The table is filled with flowers and bottles.  In the background is wall made of wood.  A sign saying 'The Conways' hangs on the wall.  It is dark green and in calligraphy style.

Photo Credit: Elliot Caunce

Emma & Sam

"I can’t ever thank Tasha enough for the amazing ceremony she put together for me and my partner. From the moment we met her she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, she was there every step of the way during the planning always checking in and keeping in touch which amongst all the stress was exactly what we needed.


On the day of the wedding I felt relaxed knowing she would make sure everything went to plan and be the person to say all the special words for us that meant so much.


Our ceremony was so beautiful and hearing the way she described our story made it feel like a fairy tale, every person at the wedding commented on how special it was and how beautiful she had spoke.


Tasha is such a lovely person and so talented with the way she writes, we are so grateful to her for being such a big part of our special day and helping us celebrate our love in such a beautiful way ❤️❤️"

Photo Credit: Lee Haggarty Photography.  Jochen, a Caucasian man with salt-and-pepper hair and a beard, is turned in towards Morgan, a blonde, Caucasian woman.  He has his hand around her waist and she has her hand on his shoulder.  They are looking at each other, smiling. Jochen is wearing a dark-coloured kilt and jacket with a red tie.  Morgan is wearing an ivory, satin, off-shoulder wedding dress and a veil with floral appliques.  Her hair is in a low bun with tendrils around her face.  The background is dark, with tree branches just visible.

Photo Credit: Lee Haggarty Photography

Morgan & Jochem

"We can’t thank Tasha enough for being the celebrant for our wedding this September!

From the moment we got in contact with her she was so helpful, taking the time to get to know us as a couple and our story to make sure that our ceremony was personal to us as a couple.

During our ceremony she brought out some fun, including stories of how we met while also really highlighting what love and marriage mean to us.

Following the ceremony we had so many lovely comments from our close friends and family about how special and personal it had been, they loved it just as much as we did!

Thank you so much Tasha for marrying us, we had the most perfect day!"

Photo Credit: Tracy Ross Photography.  Shar, a Caucasian woman with short, curly, purple hair is standing facing Matthew, a dark-haired, bearded man with dark glasses.  They are looking at each other, smiling, with their noses touching.  Shar is wearing dark lipstick, lilac glasses, a large, colourful necklace and a lilac, sequin wedding dress with a glittery, lilac, longsleeved overlay.  Matthew is wearing a beige suit jacket with a burgundy geometrical pattern, and a fine-dotted white shirt.  In the background is a brown garden fence with a tree leaning over it.

Photo Credit: Tracy Ross Photography

Shar & Matthew

"From the moment we met Tasha we just knew we'd picked the right celebrant for us. We met for a coffee and she made us feel really relaxed right away. She got us to chat about our relationship from the beginning, asking thoughtful questions along the way, and writing notes with lightning speed! It was clearly important to her to get as much detail as possible! Chatting with her about our love story really made us feel like we were falling in love all over again. Tasha seemed so excited to hear our story.


As an engaged couple we were a bit useless - we didn't really know what we wanted, what we didn't want or anything really. Tasha reassured us we weren't complete weirdos and gave us some really good advice. She checked in with us regularly in the run up to the wedding which helped us stay calm!


On the day, seeing Tasha's smiling face at the end of the "aisle" as we walked into the room together felt like seeing a good friend who was as happy for us as everyone else in the room. The service was perfect, she had captured all the little details that make us the couple we are.


During the reception so many people approached us to say how beautiful and personal the ceremony was and a few even said it was the best and weirdest wedding ever! To be fair, the weirdest part was probably the dancing cow and nothing to do with Tasha. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Photo Credit: Martin Venherm.  Michael, a Caucasian man with brown curly hair and a beard, and Billy, a blonde Caucasian man, stand side by side, smiling and looking at each other.  They both wear moss-green kilts and jackets.  Billy is wearing a matching tartan tie in a regular knot, and Michael is wearing a matching bow tie.  They are both wearing tartans over their shoulders, and boutonnieres.  In the background is a stone wall, with a mirror hanging over flowers atop a fireplace.

Photo Credit: Martin Venherm

Michael & Billy

"As soon as we had picked a date and secured our venue, the next thing we did was look for a celebrant. It was important to us to find someone that could represent us as a couple and relate to our experience. Little did we know that the very first person we would come across could not only do that but would go on to exceed our expectations.


Tasha made the experience from start to finish not only easy, but also enjoyable. She explained every step of the process so clearly so we knew what the journey would be from day one. Tasha regularly checked in with us to see how we were getting on and answer any questions we might have. Then we got to meet in person where Tasha spent a good couple hours getting to know us. It felt like spending time with an old friend and we felt so comfortable sharing our story.


Tasha shared drafts of our ceremony so that we could be sure we were happy with everything but honestly the first draft was basically perfect. We both struggled to read it as we were moved to tears. The little touches are what made all the difference, we had a choice of rituals to add to the ceremony, we opted for hand fasting and the beautiful cords that Tasha made for us really brought it to life. Knowing that Tasha made them was just another detail that made the experience personal to us. 

The ceremony itself was perfect. It’s hard to put into words the feeling that we were left with. Our guests all asked how long we had been friends with Tasha, because the way she talked about our lives was like she’d known us for years.


We genuinely would not change one thing about the full experience with Tasha. We will never be able to thank her enough for making our day genuinely perfect. We just wish we could do it all over again."

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